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SipXecs – install preconditions

Installation of the SipXecs server look straighforward, but there are some preconditions, which have to be checked. Especially if we are installing SipXecs into a network which is already using DHCP and DNS server.

For testing purposes I’ve observed, that we need working DNS server only

  • for hosting SIP SRV record for the SIP domain under test with static IP address for sipxecs server

Requirement for DHCP:

  • DHCP server is not required if we do not test HW phone autoconfig
  • DNS server witch dynamic recording supported

for testing purposes is not needed, and everything works.


There is a guide at Sipfoundry about that, if you have some trouble please check it out.


For testing purposes we may create a local zone on our local DNS. I have created a zone for SIP testing on my local DNS

$ORIGIN sipxecs.local.

_sip._udp       IN      SRV     0 1 5060        server
server          IN      A myIPhere

when correctly typed during sipxecs installation server start work correctly.

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