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Category: Linux – HOWTO

Anonymization of the KIS 2018 dataset

Anonymization of the KIS 2018 dataset

  • Authors : Tomáš Mokoš, Miroslav Kohútik

KIS 2018 is a network dataset created by the Department of Information Networks of the Faculty of Management Science and Informatics, University of Žilina.

Network datasets serve for the purpose of training of network security systems, namely IDS and IPS. These systems have to be able to differentiate between common benign traffic and attack traffic, therefore network datasets must reflect the real traffic that contains both of the traffic types as best as possible.

Linux Mint – Mouting a FreeNAS iSCSI disk

I'm trying to solve a problem of network backuping on our FreeNAS server. I've already tried CIFS (where were some issues - Linux Mint - problem to access a FreeNAS CIFS share) however I have there a performance issue, especially working with huge number of files produced by the backup proces (deja-dup backup over the net). As the second alternative I'm going to try iSCSI to map a network disk/file from a freenas server.