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Connecting IMS Boghe client to an IETF SIP network

Boghe IMS client can be used as the SIP client connecting to your IETF SIP network, for example those build up over kamailio.

The client settings, in my case, where I'm using domain with proper DNS and SRV records, it have to be:

Display Name: Palo
Public identity:
Pivate identity:
Password: password


Now go to network tab and setup Proxy CSCF.

Proxy-CSCF Host: put FQDN of yourSIP proxy

in my case have to be FQDN name of SIP server:

Proxy-CSCF Host:
Proxy-CSCF Port: 5060
Transport: UDP

After sucesfull registation we can make voice and video calls, send files using MSRP, chat using MSRP, send sms using MESSAGE.

SIMPLE presence does not work. I will investigate it more latter.


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