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IGMPv2 packet capture

The capture displays an IGMPv2 multicast communication. The IP host with the IP address is wishing to join multicast group  sending the Memership Report IGMP message (1st and 2nd packet). After sucesfull joining, it is leaving the group after a while  with IGMP Leave Group message (3td packet), which follows by two Membership Queries issued by the default gateway with IP on the multicast group address ( checking for the actual group membership on the LAN for the multicast group.

Number of packets: 5


Configuring simple MPLS network


Create a simple MPLS network and observe partial parts of MPLS functionality. MPLS network consist of four routers, two edge routers - LSE1 and LSE2 whose fastEthernet interfaces are not parts of the MPLS network and two Label Switch Routers - LSR1 and LSR2 interconnected through serial lines.


Four routers are connected in a chain line topology:

Remove Yahoo Search! from Firefox

One of firefox features is that when typing a partial URL into the URL field (URL or location bar), Firefox will automatically contact Google's search engine to find and provide search answers. This work fine till one of your computer users download the Yahoo search add-ons, which makes Yahoo Search! default Firefox search without being aware or alerted about that. So if we have the Yahoo add-on and we will type a key word (or partial Web address), we will not go straight to the Google search but instead we will see Yahoo Search results.

Installing SIPp 3.2 on Debian Squeeze 6.0.5 32 bit

SIPp version 3.2 hasn't precompiled binary packages. There are some instructions provided at the sipp home page, however small comment about limits.h is missing and therefore the compilation will not be succesfull. Here we provide instructions how to compile Sipp with SSL, pcap play and distributed pauses features enabled.

Install prerequisities

Three pre-requisites are necessary to compile SIPp: