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Installing SIPp 3.2 on Debian Squeeze 6.0.5 32 bit

SIPp version 3.2 hasn't precompiled binary packages. There are some instructions provided at the sipp home page, however small comment about limits.h is missing and therefore the compilation will not be succesfull. Here we provide instructions how to compile Sipp with SSL, pcap play and distributed pauses features enabled.

Install prerequisities

Three pre-requisites are necessary to compile SIPp:

Installing and configuring Homer SIP capture server - debian 64b squeeze - howto

Description: Homer is an Open Source SIP Capture server by Alexandr Dubovikov & Friends, based on OpenSER/Kamailio and supporting HEPv1/v2 (Homer Encapsulation Protocol) & IP proto 4 (IPIP) encapsulation and monitoring/mirroring port capture modes. Homer ships with a flexible and lightweight capture agent for unsupported scenarios and a powerful browser based UI (webHomer).




Ngrep - a tool for VoIP analysis

Ngrep is an intersting tool which may be used for SIP real time analysis. It is usable to capture SIP Messages which are flowing on/from of our SIP server.

Installation is straightforward, directly debian repository:

apt-get install ngrep


Usage example:

ngrep -d eth0 -p -q -W byline port 5060 > test.txt


-d - which interface will be used to capture data, usable if server has more as one interface

-p - does not put an interface to promiscuite mode (capture only our frames/packets)

Using tcpdump for SIP diagnostic

TCPdump is a powerful command-line packet analyzer, which may be used for a SIP message sniffing/analyzing. TCPdump is preinstalled on many linux distributions, or may be installed directly from debian repository:

apt-get install tcpdump

TCPdump allows write sniff to a file or display it realtime. Its usage for SIP message analysis may look like:

1) Display real time to a console

tcpdump -nqt -s 0 -A -i eth0 port 5060


-n do not convert IP address to DNS names

Using ipgrab for SIP diagnostic

Ipgrab is an network protocol grab utility which may be used for a SIP message sniffing/analyzing. Ipgrab may be installed directly from debian repository:

apt-get install ipgrab

The usage for SIP message analysis may look like

Sercmd - a Kamailio (OpenSER) 3.0.0 command line interface

Kamailio 3.0 provides a command line interface: sercmd. Sercmd allows to connect to running instance of Kamailio, either on same or remote system.

If we like to use it, we have to first enable the ctl module in kamailio.cfg.

Module's readme is available at: http://kamailio.org/docs/modules/3.0.x/modules/ctl.html

To use it just type 


To see the list of available options type

VNAK - Popis niektorých SIP útokov

1 Popis SIP útokov pythonovského skriptu vnak
6             Registration Reject

BreakPoint SIP Workbench

Producer: BreakPoint Software

Web: http://www.sipworkbench.com/

Download: http://www.bpsoft.com/downloads/

Licensing: Commercial with trial period

How to install ngrep on CentOS 5.5

Ngrep is one of networking tools usefull for VoIP (Voice Over IP) analysis. Unfortunatelly I did not find ngrep package available inside ot the yum repository, so command

yum install ngrep

does not work (SipXecs over CentOS). No problem, just few steps how to install it.

Go to your prefered download directory, for example /home/your_username.

Then localize ngrep rpm package available for download, for example at http://packages.sw.be/ngrep/

Download it using wget

Scapy - packet manipulation tool

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