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Kamailio 4.x IMS – Installing SCSCF

Find the according configs in the examples folder of Kamailio (Trunk) and copy them to configuration fol​der.

cd /usr/share/doc/kamailio/examples/scscf
gunzip kamailio.gz
gunzip CxDataType_Rel7.xsd.gz
gunzip CxDataType_Rel6.xsd.gz
cp /usr/share/doc/kamailio/examples/scscf/dispatcher.list /etc/kamailio/
cp –r db /etc/kamailio
cp kamailio.cfg /etc/kamailio/
cp scscf.cfg /etc/kamailio/
cp scscf.xml/etc/kamailio/
cp CxDataType_Rel7.xsd /etc/kamailio/
cp CxDataType_Rel6.xsd /etc/kamailio/

Add path to library folder in kamailio.cfg

mpath="/.... .../:/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/kamailio/modules/"

Edit scscf.cfg according to your topology

# IP-Adress for incoming SIP-Traffic, in the following format:
# Port, where we listen to Traffic
#!define PORT 5060

#!define NETWORKNAME ""
#!define NETWORKNAME_ESC "ims1\.sip\.uniza\.sk"
#!define HOSTNAME ""
#!define URI ""
#!define HOSTNAME_ESC "scscf\.ims1\.sip\.uniza\.sk"

# ENUM-Server to query:
#!define ENUM_SUFFIX ""


#!define WITH_XMLRPC


Edit the kamailio diameter module configuration file /etc/kamailio/scscf.xml:

  • change the IMS domain name in whole conf. file (i.e. from to
  • edit IP address in bind parameter of Acceptor tag. This step is essential in case of using HSS on separate server. Acceptor port is port that will listen for incoming connections from HSS server. This Acceptor tag must be paired with Peer tag from /etc/fhoss/DiameterPeerHSS.xml file on HSS server:

Acceptor and peer tag from /etc/kamailio/icscf.xml:


<Peer FQDN="" Realm="" port="3868" />
<Acceptor port="3870" bind=""/>

<DefaultRoute FQDN="" metric="10"/>

Peer tag from /etc/fhoss/DiameterPeerHSS.xml (on HSS server):

<Peer FQDN="" Realm="" port="3870" />

POZN. Cekni ci sa nemania ine hodnoty v xml-ku

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