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Display CCNA curriculums locally

Once if we are allowed download zipped version of ccna curriculum (for example as an netacad instructor) we should be able run them locally without web server need. However there is a problem to display these curriculums by default as it contain embeded flash animation. This problem persists in different browsers (firefox, chrome, epiphany) for example.

Older problem was an flash issue, where the curricula requires access to local files from local directory (where main curriculum files are unziped) and the default global security flash setting it does not allows. The soultions should be :

1) right click on on the flash image in the exploration index file

2) Clink on the “Global Security Settings panel” link

3) Click on add location

4) Add the complete path to your local site (folder), where curriculums are unziped.


However the problem may persist. The solution is to install additional adobe components as Adobe Air and Shockwave player, which you could download from :

This solve my problem for my browsers (curricula are displayed correctly inside of chrome, firefox, opera) and I’m able to display and run ccna curriculum.

Note: I write the tutorial for my laptop enviro with istalled win 7 64bit.After a while I tried to repeat it for my office PC also with win 7 64bit, and there I have problems where inside of chrome and firefox I could not add the local folder through global flash security settings. I solved it through Opera, which allows this, and after finishing, firefox start to display the curriculum  too.

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