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Keeping PuTTY telnet session alive

Working with my HP Terminal server, which we are using as a remote console acccess solution allows us login into Cisco router console ports remotely, i'm loosing the Putty connection due to inactivity. However the PuTTY client can be configured to maintain a connection and not time it out. All what we need to do is setup built-in keepalive machanism:


1. Open the PuTTy application 

Display CCNA curriculums locally

Once if we are allowed download zipped version of ccna curriculum (for example as an netacad instructor) we should be able run them locally without web server need. However there is a problem to display these curriculums by default as it contain embeded flash animation. This problem persists in different browsers (firefox, chrome, epiphany) for example.

Enabling default Telnet client on Windows 7 operating system

In our Cisco NetAcad classes we had utilized built in Windows telnet client (of course we have putty instead), which was available in each system till Windows XP by default. In windows 7 the telnet client is not available by default, but we simply may do it available in few simple following steps:


1) Open Control Panel and choose Programs and Features

2) From the left meny choose "Turn windows features on or off"


Router IP Traffic Export - the router packet capture capabilities


Cisco switches provides SPAN and RSPAN feature which is suitable for monitoring and capturing packets flowing through switch ports or VLANs. But this feature is not provided on Cisco routers, therefore if you look for it there is not result.

List of supplementary learning sources usable for "642-902 ROUTE - Implementing Cisco IP Routing" certification

This is a list of supplementary study materials usable for learning CCNP 642-902 - Route course and supporting following successful certification. They allow a deeper knowledge and support better orientation on selected topics. The contain links on externel Internet sources how I recommend it to my students during my CCNP lessons ofn our Cisco networking academy.

Main resources, of course, are following books:

How and where to find and download the Cisco SDM manager

The Security Device Manager, or SDM is possible to find on www.cisco.com on the following web link


The Cisco Connection online (CCO) user guest account is needed, which we may create for free.

Zmena preddefinovaného telnet klienta v dynagene za putty

Dynagen obsahuje cmd príkaz, ktorý umožňujú pripojenie na konzolu virtuálnych routrov priamo z jeho príikazového riadku, je to príkaz telnet. Tento príkaz v dynagene spustí preddefinovaného klienta a pripojí ho na lokálny, v net konfigu zadefinovaný port. Vo windows to znamená že sa spustí windows telnet klient. Toto predefinované nastavenie môžeme zmeniť tak, aby bol spúšťaný iný klient, napr. preferované Putty.

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