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Setup Kodi to use Tvheadend backend

If you have working Tvheadend backend available, you can use Kodi as a frontend to watch live TV channels or browse EPG and setup and watch TV recordings.

This guide assumes, that the Kodi is already installed. You can obtain Kodi for Windows/macOS/Linux using the official Kodi webpage: For Raspberry Pi, we recommend using LibreELEC distribution available at:

After the Kodi installation, you can enable Tvheadend support using following simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings

2. Select Add-ons

3. Select Install from repository

4. Select PVR clients

5. From the list select Tvheadend HTSP Client option

6. Select Install option to install Tvheadend addon into Kodi.

7. After the installation is done, select Configure option on the left of the screen.

8. Enter all the necessary information to connect to Tvheadend server such as IP address, Username and Password. Select OK to save the settings.

9. Return to the main menu of Kodi.

Now you should be able to use TV menu located in the Kodi main menu.

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