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Multi tabbed, multi execution telnet/ssh client

Working on our practical networking lessons our students and we, as their teachers, we usually configure several routers and switches (sometime up to ten), which are accessible remotely. For this we welcome the use of multi tabbed and especially multi exection clients.

It allows to efficentienly organize working space and run commands in one task on all connected network euqipments (for example to save running config).

For a long time Putty clients is a good option for practising remote configuration, however it miss multitab and multi exec features. However actually exist several remote clients which provide these features.



Licence: Open

Platform: Windows



Licence: commercial, two editions

Platform: Windows

Home is free but with limitations as

  • Max. 12 sessions
  • Max. 2 SSH tunnels
  • Max. 4 macros

Professional is unlimited for 49euro.

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