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Keeping PuTTY telnet session alive

Working with my HP Terminal server, which we are using as a remote console acccess solution allows us login into Cisco router console ports remotely, i’m loosing the Putty connection due to inactivity. However the PuTTY client can be configured to maintain a connection and not time it out. All what we need to do is setup built-in keepalive machanism:


1. Open the PuTTy application

2. Load a saved session definition by selecting it from the list, hp-TerminalServer in my case (or used default setting for all sessions created in a future)



3. Then select Connection from a Category list



4. In the field Sending null packets to keep session active change the default value from 0 to some value in seconds, for example 900sec (15 minutes) and check the Enable TCP keepalives (SO_KEEPALIVE option) check box.

Note: This option may not be available in older versions of the PuTTY client.


6. Select again Session from the left hand menu and click on the Save button.

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