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Installing SIPp 3.2 on Debian Squeeze 6.0.5 32 bit

SIPp version 3.2 hasn't precompiled binary packages. There are some instructions provided at the sipp home page, however small comment about limits.h is missing and therefore the compilation will not be succesfull. Here we provide instructions how to compile Sipp with SSL, pcap play and distributed pauses features enabled.

Install prerequisities

Three pre-requisites are necessary to compile SIPp:

  • C++ compiler
  • Curses library
  • OpenSSL (>=0.9.7)

For pcap play (RTP) support:

  • libnet
  • libpcap

Install the gsl library used for generation of distributed pauses.

During of the compilation process we may use any of following packages, so we will install them

apt-get install  make gcc g++ automake autoconf libncurses5-dev python 
build-essential openssl libpcap-dev libssl-dev libnet1-dev libgsl0-dev gsl-bin libgsl0ldbl

Downloading SIPp source files

Download source files using wget


extract the archive

tar -xzf sipp.svn.tar.gz

go to a dirctory

cd sipp.svn

Now we have to (before main compilation) modify scenario.hpp file to includes limits.h file, so open the scenario.hpp file and just after the line

#include <sys/socket.h> write

#include <limits.h>

Save the changes.

Now edit to enable GSL


and uncomment all three lines.

Compile SIPp

Now we should start main compilation with pcpap play and TLS features:

make pcapplay_ossl


Running SIPp

Compiled binary is included in the same folder (sipp.svn) so try to run it with default scenarios:

as US clients

 ./sipp -sn uac IP_address

as UA server

./sipp -sn uas

After running test sucessfully  you will probably start to write own SIP scenarios. Good Luck!

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