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Installing and configuring Restund – STUN/TURN server

This guide describes how to install and configure RESTUND STUN/TURN server for supporting TURN functionality. 

This sollution is still in TESTING STATE!!!

TURN server seems to work properly, but sometimes the klient channel allocation on server side is not working and the media stream wont start!

Testing with: Restund v0.4.0, Kamailio v3.2, X-lite 4.



First we need to install compiler g++ and make:

 apt-get install g++ make


The instalation and configuration of RESTUND STUN/TURN server takes more steps (official site 

The first sten is installing libre (Toolkit library for asynchronous network IO with protocol stacks including SIP, SDP, RTP, STUN, TURN, ICE, BFCP and DNS):


 tar xf re-0.4.0.tar.gz

 cd re-0.4.0/


 make install

Now we can install the STUN/TURN server:


 tar xf restund-0.4.0.tar.gz

 cd restund-0.4.0/


 make install

And finally the configuration file. The sample configuration file is in restund etc directory:

joe .../restund-0.4.0/etc/restund.conf

Hint: Some notes about configuration file items could be find in …/restund/docs/restund.txt


Following changes in configuration file will provide the basic TURN server functionality:

debug                     yes
syncinterval              600
udp_listen       #YOUR IP ADDRESS
udp_listen       #YOUR IP ADDRESS
udp_sockbuf_size          524288
tcp_listen       #YOUR IP ADDRESS
tcp_listen       #YOUR IP ADDRESS

# modules
module_path               /usr/local/lib/restund/modules
#module            #no authentication configured, so comment
#module           #Mysql  not yes supported, so comment

# turn
turn_max_allocations   512
turn_max_lifetime      600
turn_relay_addr #YOUR IP ADDRESS
#turn_relay_addr6      ::1 #comment if not using IPv6 

#Mysql  not yes supported, so comment following lines
# mysql
#mysql_host                     localhost
#mysql_user                     ser
#mysql_pass                     heslo
#mysql_db                        ser


 After making changes above copy the configuration file into /etc/ directory:

cp .../restund-0.4.0/etc/restund.conf /etc/


To run RESTUND STUN/TURN server use following command:

restund /etc/restund.conf

With debbuging mode on following message (or similar) appear:

udp listen:  udp listen:
tcp listen:
tcp listen:
stat: module loaded
binding: module loaded
turn: lifetime=120 ext= ext6=? bsz=1024
syslog: module loaded facility=24
status: module loaded (udp= http=


To see the actual status of your TURN server, we need to install apache server:

apt-get install apache2


And next do following changes in configuration file:

# status
#status_udp_addr #comment
#status_udp_port      33000     #comment
status_http_addr #YOUR IP ADDRESS
status_http_port      8080 #port for http access


Restart your RESTUND STUN/TURN server. Now you are able to if your server is running and how long with your web browser:

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