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IMS – Problem troubleshooting

Our testing platfroms sometimes return error codes.


1) During registration the 600 Busy everywhere – Empty list of S-CSCFs is returned

Platform: OpenIMSCore, Kamailio IMS

Solution: Check if the user whose is trying to register has preferred SCSCF assigned.Do it in your  HSS ->  IMS subscription -> find your user -> Preferred S-CSCF

Solution 2: Clients inside of the HSS is declared as registered although he isn’t, therefore the user is not able register anywhere and IMS is returning 600 error message…it look like a bug.. the solution is to reset the user register state to unregister in the HSS…we are doing it with phpmyadmin, the information is in IMPU table of HSS database, there find your problematic user and change valu of the user_stare row from 1 to 0.


2) I-CSCF is returning 504 Server time out during user registration process

Platform: Kamailio IMS

Solution:Check in your HSS if you SCSCF prefereed sets are correctly setted up


3) I-CSCF returns: Registration failed: 479 -Regretfully, we were not able to process the URI (479/SL) during registration process. Problem is in wrong format (i.e. invalid character) of SIP URI of S-CSCF for registering user. Problem lies in string format of s-cscf sip uri located in HSS database in table hss_db.preferred_scscf_set in column scscf_name. Be careful of presence of last space character in s-cscf sip uri string!



Our Xen virtual machines has 3GB HDD only. Default installation options for IMS components has a high loging level which leads to filling up disk space. So decrease logging level and delete log files

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