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Configuring Netflow on a Cisco ASA

ASA supports netflow exports against some of Netflow collectors, for example ntopng. 

Here I'm describing steps required to configure netflow statistical export using ASA CLI.

ASA - how to show ike pre-shared key - PSK recovery

Once we had a pre-shared key configured, we are not able to see them directly applying show running command, as the key is encrypted. The output displayed it as *******.


kis-asa-5515X# sh running-config | include shared
 ikev1 pre-shared-key *****
 ikev1 pre-shared-key *****


Solution 1

Use more command,

more system:running-config


VPN - Connecting Android clients to ASA using clientless L2TP over IPSec

How to clear an ASA startup configuration

If we have access to config mode we may type

config t
configure factory-default


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