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Next Generation Networks

Setting up the Boghe IMS client to register within the Kamailio 4.x IMS platform

To test the basic Kamailio IMS setup, as it is described in book  Kamailio 4.x IMS platform we need some IMS clients, here we use IMS Boghe. We will register it within IMS domain with suffix ims1.sip.uniza.sk.

Six open-source IMS clients - features overview - February 2012

The table provides feature overview of six open source IMS clients:


Konfigurácia podpory TLS v OpenIMSCore


OpenIMSCore poskytuje možnosť šifrovanej komunikácie prostredníctvom TLS. TLS sa aktivuje konfiguráciou P-CSCF. P-CSCF umožňuje šifrované spojenie (TLS) cez rozhranie Gm. P-CSCF musí poskytovať platný certifikát. TLS User Endpoint nemusí mať platný certifikát.  

Adding a new user to IMS platform using the HSS web GUI

To create a new user to existing IMS domain we will use web interface of the HSS. So navigate your browser to your HSS, in my case


 Creating IMS Subscription (IMSU)

Choose User identities from upper menu,


Testing IMS interdomain session

In our labs we have two IMS domains installed, one is OpenIMScore based, another is using Kamailio IMS components. We are trying to make interdomain sessions to test basic reachability. We provide call flows captured for interdomain call session establishment and the call flow established during sending of a file .

IMS - Problem troubleshooting

Our testing platfroms sometimes return error codes.


1) During registration the 600 Busy everywhere - Empty list of S-CSCFs is returned

Platform: OpenIMSCore, Kamailio IMS

Solution: Check if the user whose is trying to register has preferred SCSCF assigned.Do it in your  HSS ->  IMS subscription -> find your user -> Preferred S-CSCF

NGN/IMS client - references

NGN IMS clients ever available:



Platform: Windows

web: http://code.google.com/p/boghe/

Fokus Monster

Platform: Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Win Mobile

web: http://www.monster-the-client.org/


Platform: iOS

web: http://code.google.com/p/idoubs/

NGN/IMS references

NGN / IMS network solutions

Kamailio IMS

Platform: *nux

web: http://www.ng-voice.com
Description: IMS extensions from the OpenIMSCore project ported and directly available for testing built on top of latest development version of Kamailio project.


Platform: Linux

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