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Android 4.0 on virtualbox - networking issues

Android 4.0 x86 port installed on virtualbox have problem to provide networking services over Internet as it requires wifi adapter. We should solve this issue with following settings:


and type

ip a 

to display networking adapters. You should be able to see adapter named eth0, as it is displayed on the following picture


Now, we will assign networking parameters (address, mask, dns server, default gateway). To do that we have two ways available, using the dhcp service, but there have to be a DHCP server available on your LAN. Or to assign IP address manually.

Manual assignments

Manually type the IP address and the mask from a address pool, which we are using in a LAN environment, where host with virtualbox is connected, in my case:

ifconfig eth0 netmask up

then add a default gateway, which is needed for routing packets that are not local and have to be routed out of the LAN

route add default gw dev eth0

and finally we have to check connectivity, for examle by using ping command with target IP address.

Dynamical assignments

We have to type

dhcpcd eth0

and that is all!

Assigning DNS server address

Finally, in both cases we have to add the IP address of a DNS server, in my case 

setprop net.dns1

and check ping connectivity, but now using DNS name of a target host (www.google.com for example).

Final notes

Unfortunatelly, all these settings are lost after reboot and we have to set up them again!