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Win 10 – Problem access remote shared folder over VPN – The network folder specified is currently mapped using a different user name and password

Problem: I have created a CIFS share (using FreeNAS, folder is named just rfolder for example) on my company network, which is used to share resources for me and my colleagues.  I'm able to access to it from my working network (the same LAN segment) using Windows and Linux too. However trying to access and map a network share remotely from my home notebook I got an error. For the remote conenction I'm using IPSec or L2TP tunneling technology) . The share looked to be connected and mapped, however it does not allow to read from and write there neither see any content of the remote share folder. Removing the share and remapping it display an error  "The network folder specified is currently mapped using a different user name and password".
The net use shows it is disconnected, but not deleted
C:\Users\palo>net use
New connections will be remembered.

Status       Local     Remote                    Network
Disconnected           \\\rfolder    Microsoft Windows Network
Disconnected           \\\marek      Microsoft Windows Network

The command completed successfully.
to solve this issue type type net use * /delete (net use \\\rfolder /deleteshould work too).
C:\Users\palo>net use * /delete
You have these remote connections:
Continuing will cancel the connections.
Do you want to continue this operation? (Y/N) [N]: y
The command completed successfully.
After that I'm able to remap it aggain and access in.


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