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SWFObject Plugin pre FCKeditor

Tento module pre FCKeditor som sa rozhodol isntalovat na zaklade rieseniaproblemu vkladania flash animacii s parametrami v externom txt subore, nakolko klasicky embeded mi to neumoznoval.



Adding it to FCKeditor

Now add in your fckconfig.js or custom js configuration file the following line: FCKConfig.Plugins.Add( 'swfobject', 'en,es') ;

3. Adding it to the toolbarset

This plugin replaces the default flash dialog, just use the normal ‘Flash’ button.

4. Configure the plugin

These are the possible config values:

  • FCKConfig.swfObjectPath: It’s the path to the version of the SwfObject script
    Since 1.5, if this entry is missing then it will default to use a version hosted by Google. If you want to use a script hosted in your server, then go to the SWFObject page and download it, extract it in some place in your server, and then put the path to the swfobject.js file in this entry.
    Note: if you leave an empty string (FCKConfig.swfObjectPath = "") then the plugin won’t generate the code to include the SWFObject plugin, it’s assumed that you have already included it in your page.
  • FCKConfig.swfobject_WrapperClass: If this entry contains a non-empty value then a div will be generated with this class wrapping the flash object
    Important: in the preview inside the editor, the class will be applied to an image, not a div!
  • FCKConfig.swfobject_FlashVersion: It represents the version of the flash player that your movie was published for. If this entry doesn’t exist it defaults to "7.0.0".
  • FCKConfig.swfObject_ExpressInstall: It can contain the path to a swf movie to activate the Express install feature. It’s the parameter explained in the third point of the SWFObject documentation

All these values can be set in the fckconfig.js file, a custom js configuration file, or at the moment of the creation of the FCKeditor instance using any language.






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