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Integrating Kamailio IMS with a SIP application server

All configuration is done through the FHoSS (FOKUS Home Subscriber Server) web interface, by default on port 8080.

Step 1:  Adding new Application Server

Adding a new application server is a very simple, one step action. You just need to specify it’s address in the form of SIP URI and the default behaviour of the Serving-CSCF (S-CSCF) in case of connection failures. You need to navigate through: Services → Application Servers → Create and specify the following values:

  • Name – any unique name,
  • Server Name – actually it must be a valid SIP URI which resolves to application server address,
  • Diameter FQDN – fully qualified domain name,
  • Default Handling – default behaviour of the S-CSCF in case of connection errors,
  • Service-Info – required, if used by the application.


modifikovali existujuce As, ktore bolo nastavena na presence


2) modifi
defa Trigger Points


3) ifc


4) serv profile

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