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Exntending IMS platform with the Kamailio embeded XCAP Server

In this article we describe how to extend our Kamailio IMS platform which has already configured and is using sip presence and messaging with XCAP service, which allows to store buddy lists. As the XCAP server we will use the XCAP server which has Kamailio embeded inside of itself, but other XCAP server should be used, as for exampl OpenXCAP. The article is based on the guide from How to Setup an XCAP Server in Your IMS Network.



  • Functional IMS platform (as is described here in our case).
  • Functional Kamailio SIP presence server configured with Mysql (as is described for example here) and IM and presence service (as is described here) and working correctly inside of your IMS network as described here for example.
  • Configured Kamailio AS witch XCAP service as is described here for the IETF SIP SIMPLE.




Kamam s XCAP sa nespusti kym nie je with_auth zapnute..potom to vsak autentifikuje userov pre subscribe publish spravy ,pokial tito nemaju lokalne zdvojeny ucet, tak to nepusti cloveka…..staci vsak pridat kamctl add do DB kama-presence a ide to

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