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Possible bugs/limitations encountered in Cisco’s RIP implementation

  1. Default route origination not working reliably.
  2. Automatic summarization turned on causes major networks to be propagated throughout the RIP domain with a metric of 1.
  3. Using RIPv2 on NBMA hub-and-spoke topology causes the hub router to rewrite the next hop field in the RIPv2 update to the IP address of the spoke router advertising the originalupdate, thereby creating reachability issues

Andrej Krivulčík – Integrated CMS-based portal on networking technologies

The object of this thesis is to analyze possibilites, design and create a web portal concerning networking technologies. The portal is supposed
to be based on a CMS system chosen with respect to required portal functionality. In addition to determining the needed means and deploying selected components, the task was to create graphical designs for the portal.

Leader: Ing. Pavel Segeč, PhD.