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Running JunOS vSRX 15.1 in Virtualbox

The article describes how to run Junos .ova image of the vSRX box within virtualbox. 

Initial state, prerequisities and requirements

My working environment includes:

How to setup auto start for virtual machines within XenServer 6.2

For XenServer of versions 6.x were removed direct GUI ability to setup auto-start of Virtual Machines after the startup of main XenServer server. This ability have to be setup using CLI (Command line). To do that we have to:

1) Use ssh client for login into your xen server, and become the root

2) List your VM machines using the command:

 xe vm-list

in my case the command provides the list of my machines. From the list we mainly need the UUID identity of VM:

Resizing a VirtualBox Linux VDI Disk under Windows Host - VBoxManage error - Resize hard disk operation for this format is not implemented yet!

Using my VirtualBox linux machines (KaliLinux in my case) together with applying a couple of updates brought a problem, where the VB machine starts run out of disk space and I'm not able to update neither extend the system. This could be an often problem once we are trying to save some host system hard disk space using a small initial size of virtual machine disk partitions (12GB here).

The disk file cmd (df) reports:

Upgrade on Virtualbox 4.3.4 - fail to start virtual machines - VT-x error

I'm using virtualbox to run couple of my virtual machines inside of the Windows 7 64bit. Two days ago I have upgraded my running Virtualbox software to new version 4.3.4. After upgrade I was not able to start and run any of my virtual machines (Win7 32it, Xubuntu, KaliLinux, Mint) which works fine inside of previous virtualbox version.
After start I have received window with message telling that VT-x is disabled inside of the BIOS. The log file I have found inside one of the machines telling the same:

Lubuntu 13.10 - Install VirtualBox guest additions



Mint - Install VirtualBox guest additions



VirtualBox - how to assign more video memory as 128MB

Graphical desktops (for example Mageia) usually run faster with more video memory, however VBox application (through setting menu) allows setup the maximal size of video mamory to 128MB only. We are able add more memory using command line. The maximal value is now 256MB.

Windows (tested under win 7 64bit)

1) go to the VBox install directory and start win command line there

2) run command

Installing Kali Linux on VirtualBox



Connecting GNS3 with a VirtualBox host

GNS3 simulator allow to interconnect GNS3 topology with VirtualBox hosts (for example those running Win or Linux OSs) and allows to make interesting topologies and scenarios testing with real traffic and services.

Ubuntu 11.10 32bit - virtualbox appliance available

New Ubuntu desktop 11.10, 32bit appliance with Gnome is available at http://nil.uniza.sk/virtualization/virtualbox/vb-images/virtualbox-images-appliances

The appliance has installed Vbox host additions, Jitsi and QuteCom SIP UA, wirshark and ngrep network diagnostic tools.

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