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Configuring XCAP support for IM and presence over kamailio 3.1 - debian (lenny)

This article continue on series of articles about the Kamailio 3.1.x SIP proxy deployed on debian lenny and its features. In previous articles we have:

1) installed clear Kamailio 3.1.x server

2) added Mysql support for persistance location storage

Installing FreeSWITCH on debian (lenny)

There are lot of guides about installing FreeSwitch on Debian/Ubuntu. The official guide is at http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Installation_Guide#Debian_Linux and another is at howtoforge. Ubuntu has deb packages even and we may use apt-get install (so easy). Debian lenny does not have bin packages. So we will install the freeswitch from the source.

Configuring IM and presence on Kamailio 3.1 - Howto

This article continue on series of articles about the Kamailio 3.1.x SIP proxy deployed on debian lenny and its features. In previous articles we have:

1) installed clear Kamailio 3.1.x server

2) added Mysql support for persistance location storage

Installing SIREMIS 2.0, the Kamailio web management interface, on debian (lenny) - how to

There are two official guides, the first one is at http://siremis.asipto.com/install/ and, by my opinion, it is not good, probably writed for previous version of the Siremis and kamailio...following described steps is unable to install siremis version 2 with kamailio 3.1.x (six hour of troubleshooting).

Another manual is at http://kb.asipto.com/siremis:install20:main, and it looks good.


Read carefully!

Kamctl moni - FIFO error problem

Kamailio server provides the command line utility, usable for controlling server operations. One of such usage of the kamctl utility is monitoring the Kamailio server status. But in default Kamailio server configuration, the kamctl is returning following message indicatiing problem with FIFO used for kamctl communication with kamailio server

Adding MySQL support into Kamailio 3.1 (debian lenny)

The article describes how to add the MySQL support for the Kamailio 3.1.0 server. Activities described here are following the basic Kamailio server installation, described in the article Installing Kamailio 3.1 on debian lenny.

Installing Mysql server and mysql module for Kamailio

To use such persistant storage as a database we first need to install DB server, the Mysql here, and kamailio modules which the kamailio will use to connect into database, the kamailio-mysql-modules here.

Základná inštalácia Kamailio 3.1.0 pre Debian Squeeze

Tento návod sa zaoberá elementárnou inštaláciou a konfiguráciou balíka Kamailio pre Debian Squeeze, t.j. inštalácia úplne otvoreného (nezabezpečeného) SIP Proxy servera bez autentifikácie, prezencie, využitia databázy, perzistencie dát apod. Až po krokoch popísaných v tomto článku je možné Kamailio konfigurovať pre všetky ďalšie služby a rozšírenia.

Installing Kamailio 3.1 on debian lenny

The original quick start docs for Kamailio 3.1.x are availbale at the kamailio site.


First, we will add Kamailio repository into our debian /apt/source.list, then we will not need download individual packages or making installation from source files. 

Do not forget update apt source:

apt-get update

look, if package as kamailio is founded:

Inštalácia OpenSER 1.3.2-3 s autentifikáciou na MySQL na Debian Lenny

Inštalácia a základné nastavenie pre spustenie SIP Proxy OpenSER

Inštalácia je možná priamo z repozitárov:

apt-get install openser

Spustenie však nie je možné, nakoľko treba ešte nasataviť koľko pamäte a ako bude openser spúšťaný, preto kým to nenastavíme systém bude hlásiť

How to install Kamailio on Debian - APT repository

Good news, latest version of the Kamailio server can be installed using APT package tool. We just need add Kamailio repository to the /etc/apt/source.list .

From article DEB packages at http://www.kamailio.org/dokuwiki/doku.php/packages:debs


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