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elsipo - the SIP HTTP browser

A kind of interesting SIP application.

web: https://github.com/miconda/elsipo

Notes: Elsipo is a SIP (RFC3261) capable application that displays HTML content received via SIP. The initial User Interface can be loaded from a local HTML file or downloaded from a web server. Practically Elsipo is an HTML viewer, based on QTWebKit, capable of loading plugins. The first plugin implemented is named E_PJSIP, which add SIP communication support based on libpjsip.

Upgrade Kamailio 3.1.2 to 3.2 - debian lenny

Migration from 3.1.2 to Kamailio 3.2 requires upgrade of installed packages, database structures and configuration file.

Upgrade of Packages

First, we have to add correct debian repository of kamailio version 3.2. So open your source list file

vim /etc/apt/source.list

and add:

for ''Debian Lenny''

deb http://deb.kamailio.org/kamailio32 lenny main
deb-src http://deb.kamailio.org/kamailio32 lenny main

for ''Debian Squeeze''.

Sipwise Provider CE 2.2 - quick test install on debian squeeze 64 bit

1. Installation

Prepare debian system, guide notes that it have to be lenny 64bit, first problem, installation did not work on lenny and latest sipwise provider require 6.x version of debian (squeeze), otherwise your installation will not be sucesfull. OS install without X win and other sw (use netinstall iso for example) with basic configuration.

Ngrep - a tool for VoIP analysis

Ngrep is an intersting tool which may be used for SIP real time analysis. It is usable to capture SIP Messages which are flowing on/from of our SIP server.

Installation is straightforward, directly debian repository:

apt-get install ngrep


Usage example:

ngrep -d eth0 -p -q -W byline port 5060 > test.txt


-d - which interface will be used to capture data, usable if server has more as one interface

-p - does not put an interface to promiscuite mode (capture only our frames/packets)

Using tcpdump for SIP diagnostic

TCPdump is a powerful command-line packet analyzer, which may be used for a SIP message sniffing/analyzing. TCPdump is preinstalled on many linux distributions, or may be installed directly from debian repository:

apt-get install tcpdump

TCPdump allows write sniff to a file or display it realtime. Its usage for SIP message analysis may look like:

1) Display real time to a console

tcpdump -nqt -s 0 -A -i eth0 port 5060


-n do not convert IP address to DNS names

Using ipgrab for SIP diagnostic

Ipgrab is an network protocol grab utility which may be used for a SIP message sniffing/analyzing. Ipgrab may be installed directly from debian repository:

apt-get install ipgrab

The usage for SIP message analysis may look like


Najprv sme si vytvorili účty na verejnom SIP serveri (Iptel.org).

Následne sme nainštalovali program Qutecom 4.5.0 a prihlásili sme sa naň pomocou novovytvorených účtov na serveri Iptel.org .




Konfigurácia programu Ekiga


Na úvodnom cvičení z predmetu Počítačové siete 3 sme sa zaoberali rôznymi programami na prenos hlasu cez IP (VOIP), ktoré používajú protokol akým je napríklad SIP. Tento návod by mal pomôcť pri nastavovaní Ekigy.


Asterisk 1.8 instalation and configuration with ODBC and DAHDI modules on Debian (lenny)

This guide describes installation of Asterisk 1.8.4 with ODBC module for MySQL support and DAHDI module for timer clock support. The timer clock is needed by some applications such as MeetMe which provides conferences.
First of all, we make sure that the packages are up to date:
apt-get update
Then we install MySQL server and client libraries:
apt-get install mysql-server libmysqlclient-dev
We install ODBC as the database interface and also the ODBC libraries:

Kamailio 3.1 with a text file database (DBTEXT)

The article describes how to add simple database support for the Kamailio 3.1.0 server. As the database ext files are used. Activities described here are following the basic Kamailio server installation, described in the article Installing Kamailio 3.1 on debian lenny.

We are trying this as the part of our performance tests.


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