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A Survey of Open Source Products for Building a SIP Communication Platform

I'm placing here an article, about the SIP platforms and platform components. Hope help someone! 

Link to the full version: http://www.hindawi.com/journals/am/2011/372591/ref/


Pavel Segec and Tatiana Kovacikova

Department of InfoCom Networks, University of Zilina, Univerzitna 8215/1, 010 26 Zilina, Slovakia

Installing and configuring Restund - STUN/TURN server

This guide describes how to install and configure RESTUND STUN/TURN server for supporting TURN functionality. 

This sollution is still in TESTING STATE!!!

TURN server seems to work properly, but sometimes the klient channel allocation on server side is not working and the media stream wont start!

Testing with: Restund v0.4.0, Kamailio v3.2, X-lite 4.



First we need to install compiler g++ and make:

 apt-get install g++ make


Kamailio 3.2 default routing logic flowchart

 This is the flowchart of Kamailio 3.2 default routing logic. The main purpose of this flowchart is to help you understand the routing logic and navigate through it more efficiently and quickly. It should also serve as a tool when you are trying to modify something.

Most routing blocks (mainly those in which routing can end (exit)) are displayed and organized.

Authors: Michal Javorka, Ján Hrnko, Martin Pohančeník


Installing SIREMIS 3.2 the Kamailio web management interface, on debian (lenny) - how to

By day 14.12.2011 is Siremis v3.2.0 out. Siremis is the web management interface for Kamailio SIP Server. This is a major release, which is compatible with Kamailio v3.2.x. As we are using latest Kamailio 3.2 server we will do install and test latest Siremis GUI (however version 2.1 of siremis works with Kamailio 3.2).

Installing SIREMIS 2.1.0 components

Siremis web interface provides opportunities to extend main functionalities with special components. However, these components requires additional configuration.


Installed the Kamailio server with Mysql, installed siremis with apache following steps in the guide.


Installing SIREMIS 2.1.0, the Kamailio web management interface, on debian (squeeze) - how to

The article is based on the article Installing SIREMIS 2.0, the Kamailio web management interface, on debian (lenny) - how to. The installation is straighforward and is working for siremis 2.1 and Kamailio 3.2. 

Observed problems

Message "can't open cmp file to write"

RTP Proxy with Kamailio 3.2 configuration on Debian Squeeze

This guide describes Kamailio 3.2 configuration with RTP Proxy.


Ten open-source Sip clients - features overview - November 2011

The table provides feature overview of ten open source SIP clients:


Installing Kamailio from GIT - debian lenny

In some situation is direct installation of precompiled kamailio packages from prepared repositories not appropriate. There is a simple way to keep a touch with latest kamailio releases with using GIT (an revision control system).  The article describe a simple way how to manually compile and install Kamamilio and its module from source code offered through GIT.

Install kamailio from GIT



Installing and configuring Homer SIP capture server - debian 64b squeeze - howto

Description: Homer is an Open Source SIP Capture server by Alexandr Dubovikov & Friends, based on OpenSER/Kamailio and supporting HEPv1/v2 (Homer Encapsulation Protocol) & IP proto 4 (IPIP) encapsulation and monitoring/mirroring port capture modes. Homer ships with a flexible and lightweight capture agent for unsupported scenarios and a powerful browser based UI (webHomer).




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