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NGN/IMS, OpenIMSCore, Kamailio IMS

Kamailio IMS - Base configuration testing

Testing the basic Kamailio IMS setup, as it is described in Installing base Kamailio IMS platform on the debian squeeze - 32bit. We are using test1.local zone, where pcscf.test1.local, scscf.test1.local, icscf.test1.local and hss.test1.local are used.

Boghe <==> Boghe


Working without problems.

NGN/IMS client - references

NGN IMS clients ever available:



Platform: Windows

web: http://code.google.com/p/boghe/

Fokus Monster

Platform: Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Win Mobile

web: http://www.monster-the-client.org/


Platform: iOS

web: http://code.google.com/p/idoubs/

Installing base Kamailio IMS platform on the debian squeeze - 32bit

This install guide is based on the official install guide from http://www.ng-voice.com/our-solution/installation/

This guide describes the base component installation only. The platform is using four virtual machines, one for each IMS component (PCSCF, SCSCF, ICSCF, HSS).

Deployment OS is debian squeeze, 32 bit (because only 32 bit packages are available, 64bit have to be compiled). 


Prepare DNS records:

IP Multimedia Subsystem test

Inštalácia IMS


Prístup k sieti:

  • verejná IP – chceme sa vyhnúť problémov s NAT-om
  • prístup ku konfigurácií DNS servera

Softvérové požiadavky:

IMS overview

NGN/IMS references

NGN / IMS network solutions

Kamailio IMS

Platform: *nux

web: http://www.ng-voice.com
Description: IMS extensions from the OpenIMSCore project ported and directly available for testing built on top of latest development version of Kamailio project.


Platform: Linux

OpenIMS references

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