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BreakPoint SIP Workbench

Producer: BreakPoint Software

Web: http://www.sipworkbench.com/

Download: http://www.bpsoft.com/downloads/

Licensing: Commercial with trial period

Description: SIP Workbench produced by BreakPoint Software is a beatifull tool for analyzing SIP calls and provide visual information of the SIP dialogs and transactions captured from live network stream or from off-line analysis of the pcap file.

More from the producer web:

SIP Workbench is a graphical SIP, RTP, STUN, and TURN protocol viewer
for VoIP and IM network interactions.  It is a highly versatile tool
that enables protocol developers, system integrators, and end-users to
illustrate, analyze, and debug complex multi-protocol interactions.

Key Features
- Graphical display of complex interactions
- Correlates SIP messaging
- Filters large data sets
- Decodes STUN and TURN packets
- Summaries media
- Operates directly from network captures