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BGPv4 - update message - removing route


Routers R1 nad R2 are connected through the serial HDLC line. R1 router is a BGP speaker running AS 200, the R2 router is an AS100 BGP speaker. Both routers are configured with correct BGP neighbor commands to form an eBGP peering.

The capture is displaying the moment when we disable the loop interface (simulating an AS 200 route) of the R1 routers (  Router R1 is sending the Update message withdrawing the route to its eBGP neighbor, the R2 router. The Updade message contains the withdrawn fields with info about unavailable route (



|---int loop0( ------ |R1|----s1/0----(|R2|


Number of packets: 2

File r1.1-bgp-upda-withdrawn.pcap198 bytes