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IGMPv2 packet capture

The capture displays an IGMPv2 multicast communication. The IP host with the IP address is wishing to join multicast group  sending the Memership Report IGMP message (1st and 2nd packet). After sucesfull joining, it is leaving the group after a while  with IGMP Leave Group message (3td packet), which follows by two Membership Queries issued by the default gateway with IP on the multicast group address ( checking for the actual group membership on the LAN for the multicast group.

Number of packets: 5

Q-in-Q (VLAN Stacking) packet capture

The capture is showing the q-in-q tagging where VLAN ID 600 is the customer VLAN and VLAN ID 101 is the metro tag (Service provider tag). Tha capture consist of ICMP pings among two customer IP hosts (vlan 600) with IP addresses, and, carried over ISP MAN network (service ID 101).

Number of packets: 11

We should apply the Wireshark filter

vlan.id == SERVICE_PROVIDER_ID && vlan.id == CUSTOMR_ID

with appropriate VLAN tags, in the example

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