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Installing FreeBSD for JunOS Olive using Qemu under Win 7 64bit

This article explain how to install a Qemu based FreeBSD virtual machine under Win 7 64bit OS. The reason for making this tutorial is the usability of Qemu FreeBSD machine inside of the GNS3 network simulator, where the FreeBSD is used as the framework for running JunOS Olive routers.


Environment and Prerequisities

My environment:

  • Win 7 64 bit operating system.


Making qemu JunOS router installing JunOS 9.6 DOMESTIC-signed package inside of qemu FreeBSD under Win 7 64bit

This article explain how to make a JunOS router running inside of a qemu virtual machine in the win 7 64bit environment. The Junos qemu machine is planned to be used inside of GNS3. The tutorial is based on different sources which I have to go through, for example:

Lubuntu 13.10 - Install VirtualBox guest additions



Mint - Install VirtualBox guest additions



VirtualBox - how to assign more video memory as 128MB

Graphical desktops (for example Mageia) usually run faster with more video memory, however VBox application (through setting menu) allows setup the maximal size of video mamory to 128MB only. We are able add more memory using command line. The maximal value is now 256MB.

Windows (tested under win 7 64bit)

1) go to the VBox install directory and start win command line there

2) run command

Display CCNA curriculums locally

Once if we are allowed download zipped version of ccna curriculum (for example as an netacad instructor) we should be able run them locally without web server need. However there is a problem to display these curriculums by default as it contain embeded flash animation. This problem persists in different browsers (firefox, chrome, epiphany) for example.

Installing Kali Linux on VirtualBox



How to install DIG dns tool on windows 7

This guide explains how to install dig dns tool on windows 7 in few steps:


1. First go to http://www.isc.org/downloads and look for BIND, underneath select right version, for windows we have to choose the "(zip)" option of the latest release of BIND 9.

2. Then click on the Download button, after that hyperlinks with requested version appears and we are able to download the actual zipfile.

BGPv4 - update message - removing route


Routers R1 nad R2 are connected through the serial HDLC line. R1 router is a BGP speaker running AS 200, the R2 router is an AS100 BGP speaker. Both routers are configured with correct BGP neighbor commands to form an eBGP peering.

BGP injectors





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