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Kamailio 4.x IMS - Installing HSS

This HSS implementation uses as its backend MySQL database, so we need install mysql server also on this host. This step of installing mysql server you need to accomplish before installation of HSS, because HSS package executes post-installation scripts that creates HSS database with tables and users and this step needs functional and running mysql server.

During mysql installation you will be asked for mysql root password, which will be needed in some next steps:

Kamailio 4.x IMS - Installing ICSCF

MySQL Database installation

ICSCF need mysql database. During installation you will be asked for mysql root password, which will be needed in some next steps:

apt-get install mysql-server

Set up mysql:

Kamailio 4.x IMS - Installing PCSCF

Find the according configs in the examples folder of Kamailio (Trunk) and copy them to configuration folder.

cd /usr/share/doc/kamailio/examples/pcscf
gunzip kamailio.gz
cp /usr/share/doc/kamailio/examples/PScscf/dispatcher.list /etc/kamailio/
cp kamailio.cfg /etc/kamailio/
cp pcscf.cfg /etc/kamailio/

Edit pcscf.cfg

Preparing Debian operating system for Kamailio 4.x platform

Prepare five machines for your IMS, four of them with Debian Wheezy and one with Debian Squeezy. For all CSCF components and presence we will use Wheezy. The HSS will be installed on Debian Squeezy, because of better compatibilities with Fraunhofer HSS. All of them in our case are 32bit OSs.

Prepare repositories

Debian Wheezy

Install the Key for this repository:

wget http://deb.kamailio.org/kamailiodebkey.gpg
apt-key add kamailiodebkey.gpg

Add the repository to your “/etc/apt/sources.list”:

Setting up DNS records for Kamailio 4.x platform

Our IMS clients will use DNS service to resolve which transport protocol to preferr and which server provides that SIP service. Therefore we need for this purpose working DNS server with valid delegated zones. In our case we are administrating own DNS zone named ims1.sip.uniza.sk. So we will add required resource records, first we add NAPTR records and then valid SRV and A records

So, prepare your DNS records, in our case:

Kamailio 4.x IMS platform

This web book will describe the process of creating and instaling of the kamailio 4.x based IMS platform with a basic service feature set.

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I'm using virtualbox to run couple of my virtual machines inside of the Windows 7 64bit. Two days ago I have upgraded my running Virtualbox software to new version 4.3.4. After upgrade I was not able to start and run any of my virtual machines (Win7 32it, Xubuntu, KaliLinux, Mint) which works fine inside of previous virtualbox version.
After start I have received window with message telling that VT-x is disabled inside of the BIOS. The log file I have found inside one of the machines telling the same:

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