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How to setup a network bridge between a notebook wifi adapter and the MS loopack adapter under win 10

In this tutorial i will describe how to bridge a loopback adapter together with a wireless adapter of a notebook under windows 10. For this purpose we have to have installed Microsoft KM-TEST Loopback adapter (descriped in the artcicle How to install Microsoft Loopback Adapter on Windows 10).

So now we need to open the Network connections window. So:

1) left click on a start menu icon and select Settings

How to install Microsoft Loopback Adapter on Windows 10

To install the microsoft loopback adapter on win 10 you must:

Unified Network Lab: How to run Juniper Junos vMX 14.1.R1

This document describes step by step how to install Unified Network Lab (UNetLabi ) and how to run Juniper vMX in the UNetLab.

Keywords: Unified Network Lab, UNetLab, Junos, Juniper, vMX.

Author:​ Daniel Zvolenský


1. Requirements

We need to install following softwares:

UNetLab: Download the latest version of UNetLab @ http://www.unetlab.com/download/index.html. It is an .ova file.

How to install DIG dns tool on windows 10

This guide explains how to install dig dns tool on windows 10 in few steps. It is just a little bit modified How to install DIG dns tool on windows 7 guide.


1. First go to http://www.isc.org/downloads and look for BIND, click on download button


LPIC-1 Exam Prep


LPI-1 101


​LPI-1 102 



Study Sources


https://www.netacad.com/courses/ndg-intro-linux  -> http://netacad.uniza.sk


LPIC-2 Exam Prep

Nice book on LPIC-2 exam preparation (Linux Professionals)

web: http://lpic2.unix.nl/

Keywords: lpic, lpi, linux, certification

Install user language into Cisco IP Phone

Very important thing is, that your IP phone has to have letter "G" in its name. For example "Cisco Unified IP Phone 7970G" or "7960G". Letter "G" means, that phone is "global", and also support other laguages than english.

Do not confuse it with "GE". This means "giabit ethernet". If phone support both, there is "G-GE" on the phone.


Traffic generators - list

The page provides summarized view of traffic generators.



Making a qemu JunOS router installing JunOS 12.3R6.6 DOMESTIC-signed package inside of qemu FreeBSD under Win 7 64bit

This article continues on the series of articles about running junos within GNS3 and is explaining how to make and install JunOS 12.3R6.6 router using junos domestic package under Win 7 64bit OS environment.

Nice references are:

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