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Linux - HOWTO

A VERY BASIC DHCP server configuration under Debian OS

This article describes a very basic configuration of DHCP server (isc-dhcp-server) under Debian OS.


Installing DHCP server:

#apt-get install isc-dhcp-server

*note: package isc-dhcp-server replaced the old dhcp3 package


We need to specify the port to bind to. To do this we need to edit the file "/etc/default/isc-dhcp-server":

Android 4.0 on virtualbox - networking issues

Android 4.0 x86 port installed on virtualbox have problem to provide networking services over Internet as it requires wifi adapter. We should solve this issue with following settings:

Loki - L3 packet generation and manipulation tool

Notes: Loki is a Python based framework implementing many packet generation and attack modules for Layer 3 protocols, including BGP, LDP, OSPF, VRRP and quite a few others.


Installing SIREMIS 2.1.0, the Kamailio web management interface, on debian (squeeze) - how to

The article is based on the article Installing SIREMIS 2.0, the Kamailio web management interface, on debian (lenny) - how to. The installation is straighforward and is working for siremis 2.1 and Kamailio 3.2. 

Observed problems

Message "can't open cmp file to write"

Installing Kamailio from GIT - debian lenny

In some situation is direct installation of precompiled kamailio packages from prepared repositories not appropriate. There is a simple way to keep a touch with latest kamailio releases with using GIT (an revision control system).  The article describe a simple way how to manually compile and install Kamamilio and its module from source code offered through GIT.

Install kamailio from GIT



Installing and configuring Homer SIP capture server - debian 64b squeeze - howto

Description: Homer is an Open Source SIP Capture server by Alexandr Dubovikov & Friends, based on OpenSER/Kamailio and supporting HEPv1/v2 (Homer Encapsulation Protocol) & IP proto 4 (IPIP) encapsulation and monitoring/mirroring port capture modes. Homer ships with a flexible and lightweight capture agent for unsupported scenarios and a powerful browser based UI (webHomer).




How to find a right server - nslookup and dig dns command line tools

 A simple comparison of the nslookup command, the Microsoft DNS tool, and dig, the linux/win based command alternative.


Ngrep - a tool for VoIP analysis

Ngrep is an intersting tool which may be used for SIP real time analysis. It is usable to capture SIP Messages which are flowing on/from of our SIP server.

Installation is straightforward, directly debian repository:

apt-get install ngrep


Usage example:

ngrep -d eth0 -p -q -W byline port 5060 > test.txt


-d - which interface will be used to capture data, usable if server has more as one interface

-p - does not put an interface to promiscuite mode (capture only our frames/packets)

Install debian as dual boot system on a computer with Win 7 preinstalled

This guide describes installing of debian linux OS on a computer with Windows 7 system preinstalled. System will use grub2 as the system loader with predefined win7 boot option.

Steps required to do:

1) create a free space on your HDD, that you have space to install debian OS. You may use built in windows disk management tool to resize win partion (left click on start button, then right click on computer, choose manage, then choose disk management). There should be a frees space, like it is shown on the picture:

Installing BackTrack 5.0 64bit GNOME on VirtualBox



1) Create a linux virtualPC inside of the VirtualBox and settup its parameters (RAM, number of CPU, disk size (8GB be enough), Network connection)

2) Insert iso image into a virtual CD

3) Boot the Backtrack as a live distro

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