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Linux - HOWTO

FreeNAS - problem to join FreeNAS into Windows AD


  • FreeNAS 9.10 Stable
  • Time is accurate, using internet NTP servers
  • AD: Windows 2003

Integrating FreeNAS with Windows AD through Directory -> Active Directory Basic mode returns

Can't contact LDAP server

login as a root and typing

wbinfo -t returns

FreeNAS - Login as user and switch to root

If an user which is loged in to his FreeNAS server over ssh and which is then trying to login as a root typing "su -" command gets

LPIC-1 Exam Prep

Nice book on LPIC-1 exam preparation (Linux Professionals)

web sources:

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Login from Linux to Cisco ASA - SSH problem

Trying to connet from my linux terminal on Cisco ASA ssh using

ssh palo@
Unable to negotiate with port 22: no matching key exchange method found. Their offer: diffie-hellman-group1-sha1

return the error on diffie hellman unmatch.

Working solution is to add an ssh options with "-o", which specify the key exchange method that are used to generate per-connection keys


So working solutions is:

Linux Mint - Mouting a FreeNAS iSCSI disk

I'm trying to solve a problem of network backuping on our FreeNAS server. I've already tried CIFS (where were some issues - Linux Mint - problem to access a FreeNAS CIFS share) however I have there a performance issue, especially working with huge number of files produced by the backup proces (deja-dup backup over the net). As the second alternative I'm going to try iSCSI to map a network disk/file from a freenas server.

Linux Mint - problem to access a FreeNAS CIFS share

Here I'm describing the problem where my Linux MInt 17.3 Rosa has a problem to access a share provided through FreeNAS CIFS (version 9.10 STABLE). Windows machines have been able to access, but from the linux I had received rrror msessages.


Prerequisities and initial state:

I'm using following software versions and I had configured following intial state:

Linux Mint - how to share/mount remote windows folder in network with domain controller

Here I will briefy describe how to mount a remote windows folder to a local mint linux machine. In general, on the web there are plenty of pages how to do that. However I will focus on situation where windows is using an active direstory or domain based authentication.


First of all install cifs-utils package

apt-get install cifs-utils

or just check if it is not already installed

Linux Mint - how to disable the use of IPv6 for the apt tool

How to install DIG dns tool on windows 10

This guide explains how to install dig dns tool on windows 10 in few steps. It is just a little bit modified How to install DIG dns tool on windows 7 guide.


1. First go to http://www.isc.org/downloads and look for BIND, click on download button


LPIC-1 Exam Prep


LPI-1 101


​LPI-1 102 



Study Sources


https://www.netacad.com/courses/ndg-intro-linux  -> http://netacad.uniza.sk


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