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Kamailio configuration to provide load balancing and failover for media services

In many setups Kamailio is used as a PROXY server that takes care of routing calls to servers providing voice services, e.g. voicemail, IVR or conference calls.

There are a few things an administrator must keep in mind.

SIPp benchmarking

Testing SIP server (Proxy, Registrar, B2BUA...) using SIPp. We use a remote connection (ssh) to connect to the client UAC from our server. All ssh connections could be without password in authentification. UAC generates calls. The Other side UAS is always running and respond. The reason why we run the script from the server is monitoring its performance via SAR. All testing is automated by cycle in script.

Packages & Libraries


 SAR (System activity reporter)

     apt-get install sysstat

VTP (+DTP) security threat - myth or fact?

There is some confusion and misunderstanding regarding VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol)+DTP (Dynamic Trunking Protocol) and this article will hopefully make it all clear. Most of the confusion comes from the statement that VTP is always a security threat to your network. There are even some CCIE material which I find to be wrong on this topic so my advice here is to test everything by yourself.


I assume that you have sufficient knowledge about VTP and DTP, if not or you would like to refresh your memory take a look here:



Kamailio 3.2 štandardná routovacia logika - vývojový diagram

Tento diagram znázorňuje routovaciu logiku Kamailia, verzia 3.2. Zmyslom vzniku tohto diagramu bolo pomôcť ľuďom ľahšie pochopiť konfiguračný súbor (route logic) Kamailia a pohybovať sa v ňom efektívnejšie. Diagram by mal tiež slúžiť ako pomôcka pri modifikovaní routovacej logiky.

Väčšina routovacích blokov (hlavne tie, ktoré môžu ukončiť celý routovací skript (exit)) je zobrazených a usporiadaných.

Kamailio 3.2 default routing logic flowchart

 This is the flowchart of Kamailio 3.2 default routing logic. The main purpose of this flowchart is to help you understand the routing logic and navigate through it more efficiently and quickly. It should also serve as a tool when you are trying to modify something.

Most routing blocks (mainly those in which routing can end (exit)) are displayed and organized.

Authors: Michal Javorka, Ján Hrnko, Martin Pohančeník


RTP Proxy with Kamailio 3.2 configuration on Debian Squeeze

This guide describes Kamailio 3.2 configuration with RTP Proxy.


Inštalácia OpenSIPs 1.7 s podporou TLS pod Debian Squeeze 6.0

Ak chceme použiť TLS v OpenSIPs, musíme ho skompilovať do jadra OpenSIPs. OpenSIPs teda musíme stiahnuť, skompilovať s podporou TLS a následne nainštalovať.


Skôr než sa dostaneme k samotnej inštalácii, musíme vyriešiť závislosti na balíčkoch.


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